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Best Kept Secret of French Cuisine- Mirepoix!

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

When your dad is a semi-famous French Chef, you pick up a few tips and tricks along the way!

One of the most valuable things I've learned- is that the base of every good soup and sauce is made of what is sometimes referred to as "the aromatics" or #mirepoix

One of the primary things that strikes me every time I make up a batch of mirepoix is how truly aromatic it is.

Even with absolutely no seasoning added in- the aroma makes your mouth water!

I love to garden- so I typically make up a HUGE batch of mirepoix in the late summer or early fall after harvest. It's a simple thing to make in an afternoon and store in jars so you always have some prepared and on hand when you're ready to cook!

You can purchase canning jars in a ton of different places or order them online, OR if you're thrifty you can save jars, wash them, peel the labels, and reuse them for your own canning/jarring projects!

I have personally done both, and with a little Lemon Essential Oil you can easily remove all the sticky stuff from your jars! It works amazingly well.

I like doing this because I then have a variety of different size jars to use. Large jars typically get used as a base for taco meat and soups, while smaller jars work better for sauces etc.





(Approximately equal amounts of all three)

Olive Oil


1: Using a Cuisinart or other food processor, finely chop all your vegetables.

2: In a medium/large pot heat your olive oil over medium heat. I typically use about 1 tablespoon.

3: Add in your chopped carrots. These take the longest to cook so give them a few minutes before adding in any other ingredients.

4: Add in your chopped celery. Mix thoroughly. After a few minutes you should notice the natural water content from the celery creates a juice. At this point

5: Add in your chopped onion. Mix thoroughly and lower heat to medium low.

6: Stir occasionally while the juices reduce.

7: Allow to cool and spoon into jars. You can vacuum seal your jars or you can freeze them!

Easy-peasy! Enjoy!!

I like to recommend specific items that have worked for me and I always search for the best prices.

Some of these links are affiliate links which help me cover the cost of running my blog at no cost to you!

I appreciate each and every one of your purchases!

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