Crochet 5 Different Headbands! #freepattern

One of the best things about being a #girlmom is the headbands and hair accessories, amiright?!?

I've made many crochet headbands to match the dresses I've made for my girls, and it's one of the easiest things to whip up! Plus, we always have a headband to match!

The actual headband part is super simple, and you can get creative crocheting flowers on!

You can also use little miniature machine crocheted flowers (these are easy to buy in bulk and in a variety of colors), fabric flowers from craft stores, and faux pearl and crystal pins to dress them up and make them fancy!

I love to use these for the "center" of the flower.

Read on below for ideas, instructions, and inspiration.

Materials (you won't need ALL of these- it'll depend on the look you are going for!)

1/8" elastic (if you can get elastic similar in color to the yarn you are using for the main part of the headband it's best, but you can always use white in a pinch!)

Pack of Crocheted flowers variety of colors or this package

Pack of Crocheted flowers in a specific color (this allows you to get 20 flowers in only one color instead of a variety)

Pack of Crocheted flowers in white

Pack of Crocheted flowers in cream package

Pack of Colored Small Rhinestone brads

Pack of Burlap, Lace & Pearl Flowers

Pack of Faux Pearl & Rhinestone Flower Buttons Ornate

Pack of Rhinestone Flower Buttons, Simple

Pack of White Flower Appliques

Pack of White Lace Flower Appliques

Yarn (fingering weight yarns like Paton's Grace are best for this, but you can use whichever yarn matches your project)

Matching thread

Stacked Miniature Flower Headband

For this look I used 7 miniature crocheted flowers in a range of colors and sewed them stacked along the headband I crocheted. I try to alternate colors so that each flower stands out, or "pops" a little more against the contrast of it's neighbors. I stacked a color over a white/cream on either end, and then stacked 3 in the center and finished it with a faux pearl flower button. Get creative with this one!

The headband itself I crocheted using Paton's Grace yarn in Ginger.


Note: Cut a piece of 1/8" wide elastic 1/2" longer than baby's head.

Or you can follow these guidelines:

Newborn: 12.5"

3 months: 14.25"

6 months: 15.75"

9 months: 16.25"

12 months: 16.75&