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Step by Step Instructions! DIY Boho Dream Catcher

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

For starters, I'm pretty darn pleased with my first attempt!

I was going for a simpler look than what I did for my big lace one, and I only had one hoop left so I figured I should utilize it!

This time I went with a cream/white/aqua blue theme.

I crocheted a few "feathers" (really more like leaves- haha!) but you could easily use real feathers from a craft store or from Amazon if crochet isn't your thing! In all honesty it took me a little while to crochet the feathers, and just buying some would definitely be a time saver!!

I also used real freshwater pearls and a few Murano and Swarovski crystal beads leftover from my jewelry making days- but you could get the same look with plastic beads! Here's to getting creative with what you have!!

Materials List

1 skein Lace Yarn

Step 1:

I started with JUST the smaller center part of my last embroidery hoop. The part that doesn't adjust in size. Using my lace yarn I began to create what I describe as a spider web.

I tied pieces of lace yarn on each end of the hoop and then on each opposite end of the hoop. I used 8 pieces of yarn to do this. Make sure you make yours as tight as you can. I cut my excess off to about 1/4".

Step 2:

I tied a piece of lace yarn to the center of my spiderweb and using my tapestry needle I started a spiral. Over one, under the next and so forth. I went around (clockwise) approximately 6 times before carefully tying it off. Then take a second piece of lace yarn and beginning back in the center again but going in the opposite direction (counterclockwise) go over and under each opposite spindle working in between the spiral you already made. Tie this one off opposite where you tied the first one off.

Step 3:

Beginning on the outside of the hoop tie a piece of lace yarn, cross over 1/4 of the way and tie off, then cross over another 1/4 and tie, (you should now be opposite where you began), cross over 1/4 again and tie, (you are now 3/4 of the way around) and cross over 1/4 one last time so that you are back where you began. Tie off and cut. You should have now created a square.

Step 4:

Repeat Step 3 at each juncture creating overlapping squares at each point. As you do this make sure you keep each piece of yarn as tight as you can and try to go over and under the lines you cross as much as possible.

Step 5:

At this point your hoop should be symmetrical at every point.

You will now decide which point is your top and which is your bottom.

Tie a piece of lace yarn at your top point and weaving over and under bring it 1/4 of the way down towards the right.

Loop it around the hoop and go back up to the exact point you began, then back down again, but the second time you will go down slightly farther.

Repeat this action 5 times.

Your top should still look like a point but your bottom/side ends should fan out closer to the next point each time.

Repeat this process on the left side, and then on the right and left bottom sides.

When you're finished it should look like mine does above.

Step 6:

Using a piece of ribbon, start by wrapping it around any point of your hoop.

Secure the end of your ribbon under a few wraps, and then working your way around the hoop, wrap up all the exposed wood.

Work your way carefully around your meeting points and make sure you tuck under all the loose ends of your lace yarn so none of it is visible.

End by using a dab of hot glue to attach your ribbon when you've completed the circle.

Step 7:

This is when I made my crochet "feathers" to attach.

If you'd like to crochet feathers as well- I'll be posting a free crochet pattern for it in my next blog post.

I made mine with a long chain attached so that they would be easy to tie on.

Check back for a link to it!

If you decided to use feathers, you can start by attaching these to the bottom of your dream catcher now.

I ended up using 4. You can use whatever feels right to you!

Step 8:

This is when I tied on my lace and ribbon pieces.

I used a theme of aqua blue, white and cream and I love how it looks!

I cut mine at a variety of different lengths, but I kept it gradually getting shorter towards the outside ends of the dream catcher.

Step 9:

Using freshwater pearls and a short double length of regular white thread, I strung approximately a 6" length of thread which I then tied onto the top of my dream catcher so I could hang it up!

The last final touch I did was use a small silver flower pin and hook it to the bottom of the center of my dream catcher. I then used a few Murano and Swarovski crystal beads to dress up the rest of the pin and weaving it over and under worked my way up. I bent the end and hid it/hooked it into the center so it stays put.

All done! Ta-Da!!!!!

In the diffuser:

5 drops Stress Away

5 drops Thieves

(smells like apple pie!!)

This blog contains affiliate links which help me run this blog at no extra cost to you!

I only recommend favorite products that I have personally used and loved and I search for the best prices to pass along to you! I appreciate each and every purchase made through my links.

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