Re-purposed Windows- DIY Greenhouse

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

If you don't know me, I'm a Florida girl, transplanted to the arctic tundra of NY.

It was never my plan to stay in NY forever when I made the move, but as life would have it, I met and fell in love with a native Long Islander, and the rest, as they say, is history.

My husband (boyfriend at the time), promised me a greenhouse to get me through the long NE winters.

It took years before we made that a reality, but he kept his word!

When we initially set out to build a greenhouse, I had seen pictures floating around on the internet of greenhouses built from re-purposed, antique, and salvaged windows and doors. I fell in love with the idea, but really couldn't find a comprehensive step by step plan for building my own.

It's a project you guys. Better that you know that going into it, lol. However, I'm in love with the finished product, and it's made it through two winters so far. With that said, let's get into the nitty-gritty.


Windows and doors

2" x 10" lumber for decking and floor joists

4" x 4" pressure treated posts for posts


Concrete 8" tubes

Metal concrete anchor post bases

Floor Joist Hangers

Roof Rafter Hangers

3" outdoor decking screws

2" outdoor decking screws

1.5" outdoor decking screws


Ribbed Clear Poly-Carbonate Roof Panels

Ribbed Foam Closure Strips for under poly-carbonate panels

Self Drilling, Galvanized, Sealing Screws for roofing panels

Clear Silicone Sealant for roofing panels

Deck Panels

Window Vent Openers if you have opening windows in your cupola

Step One

You're going to need windows, lots of them, and at least one french style door. Have an idea of how large you want your greenhouse to be going into it, so that you can get the right size windows.

I knew going into it that I wanted my finished greenhouse to be approximately 10' x 10'.

I started scouring craigslist, garage sales and more in the search for windows and doors. I was able to find some for free, and paid a minimal amount for others. Once I had several windows I started drawing out how I could put them together.

I'm big on symmetry, so I tried really hard to find multiple windows and doors in the same sizes. You don't HAVE to make your greenhouse symmetrical, just know that it will make things easier for you if you do.

The front and back of my greenhouse are opposites, but the sizes are the same, which simplified things. Each individual side is different from the other, but they are symmetrical individually. Using my wood frames and some filler pieces I was able to make up for any difference so that the sides ultimately ended up being the same sizes.

You can get a feel for how to potentially lay yours out by looking at how I did mine.