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Scrubbing Bubbles, Sugar Scrub #recipe

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I love me a good sugar scrub for oh, so many reasons.

One thing I DON'T love about sugar scrub though is that greasy residue!

Lucky for you, through trial and error I've come up with an awesome, super simple, DIY sugar scrub that doesn't leave you feeling like you just swam in a pool of oil, haha.

I've integrated Castile soap into my recipe, which foams, washing away the excess oil, while still leaving your skin soft and moisturized. I love to exfoliate my legs with this sugar scrub before shaving them. It's especially nice in the winter; sloughs off all that dry skin and leaves your legs super smooth and sexy!


10 drops essential oil of choice

8 oz jar or 2 4 oz jars


1. Combine sugar, liquid Castile soap and almond oil in a bowl.

2. Using a hand mixer, thoroughly mix your ingredients.

3. Add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil.

4. Mix again, making sure to mix the bottom as well.

5. Your scrub should resemble wet sand. If it seems a little dry, add a tsp of almond oil and a tsp of Castile soap.

6. Allow to settle for one hour.

7. Scoop into your jars. Gently tap the bottom of your jar on a flat surface to get rid of any air pockets.

8. Enjoy!!

My favorites!

This blog contains affiliate links which help me run this site at no extra cost to you!

I only recommend favorite products that I have personally used and loved and I always search for the best prices to pass along to you.

I also only use and recommend therapeutic grade essential oils. I use Young Living oils which can be purchased through this link. If you'd like to learn more about why I've chosen this brand in particular, use this link to check out my blog post talking about essential oils.

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