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Stop the Cough- DIY Chest Rub

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

One of the first things I learned as a new mama, was that you are SUPER limited in safe medications for young children. Some aren't recommended under the age of 8, some have even higher thresholds than that!

So what's a mama to do when her toddler is under the weather?

We hate to see them suffer, and realistically- if they can't stop hacking all night, chances are you aren't getting any sleep either. #nofunforanyone

Initially, this was my reason for exploring the possibilities that essential oils offer.

Oils could offer a safe alternative.

They could offer some relief for both mama and baby. #winwin

So without further ado- here's my favorite recipe for a simple DIY chest rub.


Chest Rub Recipe

2 oz Organic Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil

I buy big tubs from Costco, which last me forever, but any organic coconut oil will do!

15 drops Frankincense EO

6 drops Ravintsara EO

5 drops Clove EO

4 drops Myrrh EO

3 drops Marjoram EO

3 drops Pine EO

***6 drops Eucalyptus EO***

I purchase all my essential oils here because they meet my expectations for purity, quality and testing.

Whip with a hand mixer and store in a 2 oz jar.

In warm climates it's easier to store this in the fridge because coconut oil tends to liquefy and it can become sloppy to apply.

In cooler climates it will stay solid and can be left out.

Simply scoop a small amount onto your fingers and rub onto their chest and back.

I recommend this recipe for children 2 years old and older. On younger children apply a small amount to the bottoms of the feet and cover with socks. The vita flex points located at the bottoms of the feet will deliver the oils where they need to go.

**If you feel that using coconut oil is too greasy to apply, there's an alternative recipe below that will stay solid regardless of climate. It's slightly harder to scoop out as the consistency is more balm-like, but it warms enough in the palm of your hand to apply fairly easily. **

***A lot of people ask about the use of Eucalyptus oils in these types of recipes.

While Eucalyptus IS fantastic for respiratory issues, it's generally not recommended for children under the age of 2, and some people feel uncomfortable using it on children under the age of 8.

There are many different Eucalyptus varieties out there, and the species that is considered safest for young children is Eucalyptus Radiata.

If you choose to add Eucalyptus to this recipe and intend to use it on children, I strongly urge you to use Radiata.

For adults, you may add any form of Eucalyptus, but I feel that Eucalyptus Blue or Eucalyptus Globulus are the most effective.***


Chest Rub Balm Recipe

Melt these ingredients in a glass or pyrex container until completely liquid.

You can do this in a double boiler or a microwave.

Stir gently, allow to cool slightly, and then add in your essential oils. We allow the mixture to cool before adding our oils because excessive heat can damage the therapeutic properties of the oils.

15 drops Frankincense EO

6 drops Ravintsara EO

5 drops Clove EO

4 drops Myrrh EO

3 drops Marjoram EO

3 drops Pine EO

***6 drops Eucalyptus EO***

Stir gently, pour into 2 oz tin and allow to cool until hard.

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