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These are a few of my FAVORITE things- Baby Edition

Navigating the plethora of baby items can be daunting to say the least.

It's especially daunting for new mothers; but even second and third time around the block mamas can feel a little overwhelmed by the options out there, particularly if you've had a lull between babes.

With that being said, I've put together a list of some of my favorite, can't live without it- baby items that have made my life as a mama easier.

This baby seat for bathing your baby in the kitchen sink.

TOTAL game changer.

I WISH I had this with my first 3 babies.

Bathtubs can be back breaking.

The bigger plastic tubs take forever to fill up, and they aren't that comfy.

What I love about this one:

It's soft

It dries FAST

It fits perfectly in my kitchen sink which makes bathing baby solo super simple

It's inexpensive #frugalmama

Seedlings Baby Oil- 2 of my 4 kiddos have suffered from eczema as infants, and I WISH I had access to this with the first one that suffered.

I tried SO many things on his eczema and it never cleared completely until the weather turned warm and he got older.

Dry winter air DEFINITELY exacerbated his condition!

With my youngest, I started using this baby oil after each bath and occasionally in between baths as well, and noticed a huge and immediate difference in the health of her skin.

I love ALL of the Seedlings Baby products, but if you only get one, get this!

What I love about it:

There are no bad ingredients in it

It makes her skin super soft and healthy

It absorbs quickly

It smells AMAZING

A little goes a LONG way

Britax B-Ready Stroller- If you have, or are going to have more than one baby, this is my FAVORITE stroller! The options are kind of limitless, and 4 kids and 6 years into my mommy adventure, it's holding up better than my sanity!

What I love about it:

Use it for one baby, use it for two, add on a second seat as needed or remove it and convert it back to a single stroller

You can attach two car seats to it (twins?), or two regular seats for older children. Mix and match!

We can actually fit 3 of our kids in this at any given time. I'm sure it wasn't designed this way, but our older kids actually fight over who gets to ride in front in the basket, lol.

The basket area for lugging extras is roomy

It's a super smooth and easy to maneuver ride.

It fits in the very small cargo area of our Pilot with room to spare, even with the backseats up.

Bottom Zip Footie Pajamas- A few brands are doing this now, I've found them at Target as well as Carters. These are a game changer for those middle of the night changes.

What I love about them:

No snaps to struggle with (I LOATHE snaps in the dark, lol)

Zips from chin to foot so you don't have to completely undress baby (this is particularly nice in colder climates. You can leave the snap at the chin closed which makes it easier to zip!

I could go on and on, but these particular items have really made mommy life so much easier for me, and hopefully will for you as well!!

Currently drinking

Oola Detox Tea

In the diffuser

3 drops Lavender

5 drops Lemon

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