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Twig to Tree- Gardening How To

As a gardener some things are incredibly easy to do, and this is one of my favorites!

I did this with #curlywillow but you can do it with regular #willow or tons of other trees and plants that root quickly.

The best part? You can do it for FREE! #frugalmama right here!

Start with a few thin twigs or branches that you've just cut, or that you've bought in a bundle at a nursery or flower shop.

These are typically sold with all the leaves already removed, but if you cut a few branches from a tree in your area make sure you remove the leaves before starting (and ask the owner's permission if it isn't your tree- haha).

Each branch should be roughly 2' long.

Find a large vase, fill her up with warm water and pop your branches in.

Place in a sunny window and make sure you keep the water filled up!

Within a week (although this can vary) you should begin to notice new roots forming below the water line and new leaves forming above.

It's truly amazing to watch how fast this can happen when the season is right!!

Keep your branches in the vase for a couple weeks until you have a large root mass.

Now the fun part!

Plant outside in the ground (or in a large pot if you wish) and watch it GROW!!!

I started this baby out 5 short years ago as a few 2' tall branches. It has now grown into this beautiful monster that is 15' tall! It's SUCH a fast grower!

Curly willow adapts easily to a decent range of climates although like regular willow it does require a decent amount of water initially. You can easily grow this from Florida to New York and probably beyond.

If you have trouble locating a curly willow locally you can grab some branches on Amazon. This one here allows you to choose fresh branches (which is what you want). The branches are on the long side so you could easily cut them in half if you wish!

Happy gardening!

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