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Hi! I'm the DIY Holistic Mama

Navigating the waters of mommy-hood can be overwhelming to say the least!

I'm here to make that a little easier.

If you love making things yourself; or have a passion for learning how to take care of yourself, your family, and our environment in a friendly, holistic and toxin free way- this is the blog for you!

I hope to cover a full introduction to healthier living for you and your babies.

Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner who doesn't know where to start,

or a seasoned pro looking for new recipes and ideas-

you'll find what you're looking for here!

Confession_ I love the sun. ☀️__I know,
Veronique Wallrapp


Originally from sunny Florida, currently biding our time in the frozen tundra of NY! I have 4 little terrors and an incredible husband. Currently homesteading and land bound with big dreams of leaving it all to travel the globe on a sailboat.

Two more days til we find out if this li
Literal perfection._🌱🌷🌱.jpg
Made soap today!!_Who wants some__🌱Orga
One of my favorite flowers. 🌺 _Good mor
This might be my new favorite blend! 💗❄
Nature. 🌱🌱🌱_._._._#allium #white #may
There’s something so peaceful about croc
Finding things for the garden never fail
Red might be one of my favorite colors.
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