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How To: Boho Vintage/Antique Lace Dream Catcher

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

I started seeing a ton of these on Pinterest when I began to come up with ideas on converting our oldest daughter's room into a room for herself and her baby sister on the way. She's been dying to share her room since her brothers do, and the room was definitely beginning to feel cluttered! We did some serious cleaning up, and I really wanted to make something cool for them to share.

Meanwhile, I had a ton of this gorgeous handmade, antique lace that my grandmother made just sitting in a closet unused. It's been sitting there for years, and it really seemed a shame. I began to think it'd be a super cool way to use some heirloom pieces in a different way!

If you don't have antique lace laying around, don't worry! lol! I'm sure you can easily find vintage pieces by scouring BST sites, thrift shops, maybe even Ebay or Amazon! I decided on sticking with a cream/beige theme, but I've seen some gorgeous ones with pale pink, blue, or gray accents in them. Let your imagination run wild!!

I'm going to take you through what I did step by step. I had most of these items on hand from previous projects, but I'll include links if you don't!!

You'll Need:

Old Lace

1 skein Lace Yarn

1 skein Boucle Yarn

1 skein Ombre Cream Yarn in Natural Heather

Size D Crochet Hook or grab a whole set (it's usually MUCH cheaper this way)

A branch with a little character

Step 1:

Lay out all the lace that you've acquired or found and decide which pieces you will be using. I used 4 pieces and 4 hoops. Depending on your space you may want to create a larger or smaller Boho Dream Catcher. 4 seemed like the right amount to me.

Step 2:

Take apart one of your hoops and lay your lace over the smaller inside hoop. You'll then place the larger outside hoop over it, trapping your lace between the two hoops. Take the time to slowly stretch your lace nice and taut between the two hoops so that there is no slack left over. Then tighten the nut on the outside hoop so that there is no movement.

Step 3:

Carefully cut any excess lace as closely to the hoops as you can get.

Step 4:

Thread your tapestry needle with your lace yarn and whip stitch all the way around the entire hoop to ensure no movement or loosening of the lace.

Step 5:

Repeat step 4 with all of your hoops.

Step 6:

Lay your finished hoops out in different configurations until you have the look you want to achieve.

Step 7:

Using your tapestry needle and lace yarn again, join your hoops at their meeting points by wrapping the yarn around both hoops multiple times. You can see in my picture that I wrapped my yarn around a TON of times. You might also notice that my set up isn't perfectly straight anymore. I'm okay with this, but if it bothers you, just go extra slow and check your work often!

Step 8:

Find a cool branch! I literally just went outside and grabbed something, lol. In our case it was destined for the fire pit, so I saved it! Trim it down to the appropriate length. Next you'll want to grab a crochet hook size D and your lace yarn and create a LONG chain. If you don't know how to chain with crochet, hop on YouTube and pick a video. It's incredibly easy to do! You'll want your chain to be long enough to connect your hoops to your branch, and wrap around the branch several times. I tied my chain onto each of two outside hoops in the middle. I placed my branch above at the height that I wanted it and wrapped my chain around the branch at the two spots directly above the hoops and then wrapped the remaining chain equally around the branch so that I ended in the middle. Then using a drywall anchor and screw, I hung the middle of the chain and branch on the wall!

Step 9:

I wanted to cover up the closures on my hoops so I started tying on yarn at various lengths along the bottoms of my hoops. I started with the thicker bucle yarn and then added in thinner yarns and lace ribbon. I went for a random look and then trimmed off excess pieces of yarn/lace/ribbon that I felt were too long. Using the tapestry needle for this comes in handy as well since it helps get your yarn through tight spaces.

Step 10:

Use your rhinestone brad fasteners to dress up the centers of your crochet flowers. Using your hot glue gun attach your crochet flowers and your applique flowers onto your hoops wherever you want a little extra oomph! Ta-da!! Now you're done!

This blog contains affiliate links which help me run this blog at no extra cost to you!

I only recommend favorite products that I have personally used and loved and I search for the best prices to pass along to you! I appreciate each and every purchase made through my links.

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