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Organic Exfoliating Scrub- DIY #recipe

When I delved into the world of homemade skincare products, I learned SO much.

One of the most interesting things I learned, was that the way you exfoliate, is incredibly important.

Most store bought exfoliates have rough exfoliates like nuts in them, that can actually cause micro tears in the surface of your skin. These micro tears invite in bacteria, and damage your skin's dermis. It's incredibly important to use a gentle, fine exfoliant, or one that dissolves easily. It's also very important to gently rub them into your skin in a circular motion. Don't harshly scrub your face! You've only got the one. You should also only be exfoliating twice a week.

My favorite natural exfoliant ingredients are sugar and jojoba beads. Both are gentle, don't harm the environment, and are relatively easy to get your hands on.

If you're looking for a bad ass sugar scrub recipe, follow the link to my blog on sugar scrub! If you want to make a DIY Jojoba Bead Scrub, then you're in the right place!


Lavender EO, or EO of choice


1. In a mixing bowl combine 1 oz of Aloe Vera Gel, 1.5 tbs unscented liquid Castile soap and 2 tbs Organic Coconut Oil.

**Note: In cold climates, if your coconut oil is solid, you may want to gently heat it a bit first. It will blend more easily if it's a bit liquid.**

2. Using a hand mixer, blend ingredients thoroughly.

3. Add 1 tsp organic jojoba beads and 5 drops of Lavender EO

4. Blend again.

5. Allow mixture to settle for 30 min.

6. Store in a 4 oz jar.

Other Essential Oil Options:



Tea Tree




Peppermint (Only use about 2 drops if you choose peppermint)


My Favorites!

This blog contains affiliate links which help me run this blog at no extra cost to you!

I only recommend favorite products that I have personally used and loved and I search for the best prices to pass along to you! I appreciate each and every purchase made through my links.

I also only use and recommend therapeutic grade essential oils. I use Young Living oils which can be purchased through this link. If you'd like to learn more about why I've chosen this brand in particular, use this link to check out my blog post talking about essential oils.

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Apr 02, 2020

Good luck!! Let me know how it goes!


This sounds right up my alley...Can't wait to try it!

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Literal perfection._🌱🌷🌱.jpg
Made soap today!!_Who wants some__🌱Orga
One of my favorite flowers. 🌺 _Good mor
This might be my new favorite blend! 💗❄
Nature. 🌱🌱🌱_._._._#allium #white #may
There’s something so peaceful about croc
Finding things for the garden never fail
Red might be one of my favorite colors.
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